Some say you can’t mix
business with pleasure,
we prove them wrong

Working at DUPI

DUPI is the energetic enterprise that helps companies insure complex risks. Our field is diverse and always keeps us on our toes: clients seek cover for a fleet of tankers, a large construction project, business parks or even football stadiums.

We operate in a dynamic and complex market, which is itself constantly changing due to growth in our home country of the Netherlands and acquisitions across various European nations where we now operate. Therefore, we understand our entrepreneurial clients. We are innovators ourselves and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

But we do not take the task of insuring a wide range of risks lightly; we treat our business with the utmost seriousness. The balance between work hard and play hard is ingrained in our culture, never losing sight of professionalism at the core of our work.

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Our success has not been handed to us on a silver platter. In recent years, we have made significant strides and worked extremely hard, resulting in tremendous growth. In our seven offices across Europe, an ambitious group of people is putting in the effort every day. Every member adds a brick to the wall of our success.

This is DUPI

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DUPI voices

Stan de Vroed, Junior Underwriter Marine Cargo

I started my journey at DUPI as an intern, and now I’m a Junior Underwriter. Here at DUPI, there’s always room for growth. Demonstrating your skills and abilities at work can lead to new and exciting opportunities for professional advancement. For instance, I had the opportunity to take the Transportation Law course at Erasmus University.

What sets us apart

At DUPI, our vibrant company culture is driven, entrepreneurial, and ambitious. This allows us to seize new growth opportunities quickly and decisively. Our vision is to become the insurer of choice for entrepreneurs, surpassing expectations by going the extra mile for our clients. Being unique is at the core of our culture, as we take pride in being unconventional and authentic.

Our distinct way of doing business sets us apart, embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves. Balancing work ethic with camaraderie, we believe in celebrating life’s moments while working hard and playing hard.

Our approach is pragmatic and personal, treating clients and colleagues with utmost respect and offering prompt and considerate responses. Challenges are met with a solution-oriented mindset, embodying a “think along, not push back” philosophy.

Integrity and accountability are non-negotiable, with a commitment to open and transparent communication, engaging in difficult conversations with courage. We invest in talent and expertise, and use top-notch systems for professionalism.

Innovation and creativity are our guiding principles, constantly seeking new opportunities and fresh perspectives. Embracing change with an open-minded attitude, we fearlessly create what does not exist.

Our culture empowers individuals with freedom and guts, encouraging decision-making and learning from mistakes. We foster an environment that inspires out-of-the-box thinking, welcoming calculated risks for future growth.

At DUPI, passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence define our culture. Our diverse team is the driving force behind our success, celebrating collaboration and the freedom to explore uncharted territories. We strive to be the insurer of choice for entrepreneurs and we embrace our unique approach, ensuring that the journey with DUPI is rewarding and enriching for all.

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