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Since our establishment in 1988 as a Rotterdam-based specialist in P&I insurance, DUPI has experienced significant growth and developed into a comprehensive insurer, driven by our bold vision to become the preferred insurer for entrepreneurs, not only in the Netherlands but also in other parts of Europe.

Today, under the name DUPI Underwriting Agencies, we proudly stand as a leading underwriter of Marine, P&I, Construction/Engineering, Casualty and Property insurance. And our reach extends beyond the borders of the Netherlands: entrepreneurs from the Benelux, France, Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe entrust DUPI with protecting their businesses against complex risks.

To meet our clients’ needs, DUPI has businesses and offices in strategic locations such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Cologne, staffed by a team of +220 skilled professionals who share our ongoing commitment to excellence.

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DUPI offers a diversified portfolio covering both long-tail and short-tail risks and handling both frequent small claims and occasional large losses. We specialise in Marine, P&I, CAR/Engineering, Property, Casualty, Accident & Health Insurance, Renewable Energy, Charterers Liability, EURO P&I and Shipping Defence and offer tailor-made insurance solutions for the various business risks within these sectors.

Additionally, our Amsterdam-based professionals offer insurance solutions tailored specifically to Japanese entrepreneurs in Europe.

DUPI acts as the Managing Agent for several renowned European insurers and conducts business exclusively through brokers. You will find more about the security of all our corporations here.

Furthermore, BLAAK Underwriting Agencies enhances our range by providing solutions specifically designed for Marine Cargo and Hull risks.

FrameStory Software

Our strategic investments in digitalisation and data intelligence have led to an improved set of monitoring tools and processes.

Developed in-house, FrameStory Software provides real-time management information and seamless integration across our organisation. To demonstrate its effectiveness, we are extending our customised software solutions created by FrameStory to other companies in the insurance sector. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and customised benefits that have already proved successful for us. Our comprehensive service package includes insurance solutions in addition to the option to purchase FrameStory’s software for improved efficiency and performance.

Delta Risk Consulting

In response to industry demand, risk inspections and additional services have become highly sought-after services.

To better serve our underwriters and brokers, we introduced risk inspections, analyses and preventive measures in 2018. The overwhelming demand for risk inspections and additional services was not limited to our own company; other insurers and brokers also showed great interest. Therefore, we took the decisive step of establishing an independent expert agency specialising in risk management, analysis and reporting, named Delta Risk Consulting.

Our complementary services are offered from two locations: Schiedam, where we meet software and risk inspection needs, and Plovdiv, where we oversee our software activities.

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