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DUPI’s Specialist P&I is your gateway to tailor-made insurance solutions for a spectrum of marine contractors. When short-term coverage proves impossible, our specialisation lies in developing tailor-made solutions for one-off and short-term projects. We also extend our coverage to non-standard marine liabilities. Choose DUPI’s Specialist P&I for coverage as unique as your projects.

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Business Scope
Contractors, such as:

  • Building and construction
  • Offshore service
  • Transport and installation
  • Heavy lift
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Towage contractors
  • Dredging contractors

Maximum Limit
USD 100.000.000

Short term P&I
Specialist operations
Contractual liability
Damage to work/Existing property
Salvor’s liability
Difference in conditions/
Difference in limit
Excess Liability/Excess P&I
ROV and diver’s liability


Specialist operations cover

Buyback cover of the exclusion in P&I for losses arising as a consequence of the performance of Specialist Operations. Available in combination with P&I, on a stand-alone basis or as an excess of the underlying cover.

Contractual liability cover

Available as an extension to P&I or C/L cover, on a stand/alone basis or as an excess cover. This cover can include contractual wreck removal obligations, liability for loss of or damage to cargo, wreck removal of the cargo, loss of or damage to the tow, etc.

Damage to work/existing property cover

Specialist Operations cover always excludes loss of or damage to the contract works and may exclude loss of or damage to existing properties. Wreck removal and pollution from the contract works may also be excluded. We provide cover for these risks for Subcontractors performing these Specialist Operations on a case-by-case basis.

Salvor’s liability

We provide covers for one-off type salvage or wreck removal jobs to start-up companies (with demonstrated experience) or companies without own tonnage having to charter-in vessels and equipment to perform the job. Coverage can include Owners P&I, C/L and liabilities arising from the salvage operations, including pollution.

DIC/DIL, excess and reinsurance covers

We provide DIC/DIL and excess liability policies to a variety of underlying covers, including but not limited to H&M P&I clauses, Specialist Operations and Contractual Liability policies, Marine Professional Indemnity policies and one-named peril policies.

Rov and divers’ liability cover

Policies cover any liabilities arising from the activities of divers and underwater vehicles. Available as addition to P&I or C/L cover or on a stand-alone basis.

Cargo owners legal liability covers

Cover for the liabilities of a cargo owner (ranging from the owners of a heavy lift cargo to owners/traders of containerised cargoes. Cover can include loss of or damage to the vessel, other cargoes, pollution, wreck removal of the cargo and other third party liabilities. Cover is available on a stand-alone basis.

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