Construction and engineering

The essential sector for shaping our modern world

From impressive skyscrapers to extensive road networks and from power plants to bridges, every project is an impressive feat of engineering ingenuity and collaboration. The Construction and Engineering sector is an essential sector for shaping our modern world and covers a wide range of activities, including design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects and buildings that make our daily lives possible.

Industry challenges

Despite progress, the Construction and Engineering sector faces several challenges. Every project requires accurate planning, budget management and risk assessment to ensure success. Technical complexity plays an important role, especially when designing innovative and unique structures. Moreover, the safety of the public and employees working on these projects is paramount.

Protection against financial losses

By assessing risks and providing tailored solutions, insurers can help construction and engineering companies and project owners hedge against potential financial losses due to unforeseen events such as natural disasters, construction defects or liability claims. By offering adequate and tailor-made insurance products, insurers play a crucial role here.

Insurance for the building and construction industry

DUPI’s insurance products, specially designed for the Construction and Engineering sector, provide protection during all phases of projects, from planning and construction to their final use. These include construction and liability insurance, providing coverage against property damage and claims. In addition, we act as partners and offer advice and expertise to optimise risk management and improve project execution. Learn more about DUPI’s Construction All Risk, All Risk Insurance, Machinery Breakdown and Computer/Electronics and Risk control.

Partnership for a secure future

In an industry that is constantly changing, we as insurers are a valuable link providing certainty and stability so that entrepreneurs can navigate the future safely and resiliently.

Do you want to know more about our services for the Construction and Engineering sector? Paul de Keijzer can fill you in.

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