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Internships & traineeships at DUPI

Are you looking for a suitable internship to gain relevant work experience for your studies, or are you a recent graduate seeking a traineeship to learn the ropes under guidance? We consider it important to invest in young talent. Across various departments, we provide ample opportunities to gain experience and learn from our experts.


Interning at DUPI? We are certainly open to that. Educational background, degree, or age do not matter in this regard. Enthusiasm and drive are qualities we consider very important. All students are welcome to come and have a look at one of our branches. Most importantly, come explore firsthand the kind of organisation we are. Because, of course, we are aware of the (entirely unjustified) image that exists about an organisation in the insurance industry.

Every year, we host several interns. Not only in our insurance-related departments, but also in support departments such as HR, Compliance, Legal, Risk, Finance, and Marketing & Communication.

Fabian worked as a Finance intern with us for six months.

‘’Reflecting on my time as an intern at DUPI, I’m really excited about it. I learned a lot during those months and had the opportunity to work on some interesting projects by myself. It wasn’t like I was just one more intern – I truly felt like a part of the team. I want to give a special mention to my fantastic internship supervisor and the team in my department. They supported me and helped me quickly figure out my future career path. And believe me, I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing. There were many challenging tasks that I worked on alone, and my colleagues were always there to offer assistance.

The atmosphere in the office was great. Everyone was very friendly, and I quickly felt comfortable. We would have conversations about all sorts of topics, which helped me understand the other groups in the company. You won’t even believe how enjoyable it is to work in the insurance industry. And the office? It’s much more comfortable than you might think. Those negative stereotypes about insurance companies are completely untrue. So, if you’re considering trying out an internship at DUPI, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed – I promise.’’

VNAB Traineeship

DUPI is part of the Risk Insurance Traineeship by VNAB (Vereniging Nederlandse Assurantie Beurs).

This means that we annually involve trainees in various departments within our organisation. Over a period of six months, we provide trainees with knowledge and experience that they can ultimately apply in their (next) professional field.

In 2023, Charlotte van Rijsbergen worked as a trainee at DUPI for six months, in the Casualty and Property department. Afterward, she was hired as a Junior Underwriter Casualty and is currently continuing her career journey at DUPI.

How did Charlotte experience her traineeship?

“As part of the VNAB’s Risk Insurance Traineeship, I started working at DUPI for a period of six months. Before I officially began at DUPI, they were already very involved in figuring out how I could make the most out of these six months, through listening to my interests and preferences, and thinking what kind of jobs would suit me best.

I became part of two teams, and both made me feel like I truly was part of the team instead of ‘just a trainee for a short period of time’. I was involved in team meetings, work flows, broker appointments and events. Every single person was willing to include me in their work, teach me new things, or help me with any questions. They also showed interest in who I was personally, and shared stories of their own personal lives as well.

This involvement and personal attention is one of DUPI’s strong points. It made me feel very welcome and at ease, right from the beginning. By including me in their work and letting me work independently, they made me feel taken seriously and trusted.

Another one of DUPI’s strongest features, for me, is its open and dynamic atmosphere. There is always something happening at DUPI, whether it’s a birthday, a Summer School or a team meeting. Like they told me before, there truly never is a dull day while working here. Since it’s not too big, everyone knows each other and has time for a chat and a laugh, and because everyone is so personally concerned with each other, there is an informal vibe and a sense of family. DUPI is a place where there is a right balance between working hard and having fun. There are a lot of people with a great amount of knowledge, resulting in an inspirational work environment in which I am certainly driven to learn more.

I very much enjoyed my time at DUPI during the traineeship and, lucky for me, I get to stay working here after my traineeship as well!”

The primary language at our offices in the Netherlands is Dutch. However, due to the nature of our activities, we consider it important for you to feel comfortable expressing yourself in English as well.

Are you curious to know if an internship or traineeship at DUPI is a potential fit for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact our HR department.

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