Stijn Bakkeren


Chief Executive Officer

Stijn Bakkeren, our Chief Executive Officer, joined DUPI in 2016 after a challenging period in which we operated as a small MGA from a single location in the Netherlands. Since then, under his leadership, we have experienced exponential growth and written more than €250 million in premiums. Stijn’s leadership has been essential in expanding the reach of our business. We now have five offices in four European countries and a dedicated team of 170 employees.

With 20 years of experience in accountancy, financial and corporate tax advice and tax risk assessments, Stijn is a seasoned professional in his field. He holds a Master’s degree in Fiscal Economics from Tilburg University.

Besides insurance, Stijn has successfully broadened our company’s focus to risk inspections and tailor-made software solutions for insurers. His strategic vision and expertise have enabled us to diversify our offering and meet the changing needs of our clients.

Stijn’s analytical skills ensure that our plans and projects are financially viable. His meticulous approach to numbers and ability to assess the feasibility of initiatives have been crucial to our continued success. Stijn is one of those people who can crunch numbers accurately, even on the back of a beer mat.

Despite his towering stature of over 2 metres, Stijn remains down-to-earth, calm and unassuming. He complements Anton’s dynamic presence and together they form a formidable team that has propelled DUPI to new heights.

Stijn’s approach to problem solving is characterised by a focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on obstacles. He is known as a helper and as someone who faces challenges with a positive attitude. Stijn’s ability to see opportunities where others see problems is testament to his innovative thinking and strategic attitude.

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