Lars Hendriksen


Chief Operations Officer

As DUPI’s Chief Operations Officer, Lars Hendriksen brings a unique and quite impressive background to our company. With a Master Marine license as a Captain on merchant ships and prior service as a Premier Lieutenant in the Royal Danish Navy, he possesses valuable leadership and operational experience. Lars knows from personal experience how to steer a ship – quite literally! His time as a Captain on container ships at AP Moeller, before transitioning to executive roles in the insurance industry, has undoubtedly prepared him for navigating the challenges of the corporate seas.

His expertise was further sharpened with an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics from Copenhagen Business School, where he finished in the top 5 cum laude. Lars has more than 20 years of experience as a CEO or COO in multinational conglomerates such as RSA and JLT.

Lars joined us in 2021 and within DUPI, he is responsible for operational matters. Lars’ strengths are strategic thinking, effective people management, and solid insurance and financial experience. He has a keen eye for business opportunities and challenges in every business we pursue.

Lars is known for his strong self-discipline and immovable determination. When he wants to achieve something, he persists regardless of the obstacles. Lars is a diligent and hardworking person. He often starts his days at 03.00 o’clock to work with his team members in Rotterdam after travelling from Copenhagen. Despite his busy schedule, he always greets people with a smile. With his hands-on approach and personable demeanor, he contributes to a positive and thriving work culture, making him a valuable asset to DUPI.

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