Emiel Paaij


Chief Underwriting Officer

As DUPI’s Chief Underwriting Officer, Emiel brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our company. Before taking on this role at the end of 2022, he had served as the Underwriting Director for the Marine business line since 2014, leading our largest and most prominent business line in which we are one of the top insurers in the Netherlands.

Before joining DUPI, Emiel spent 2 years as a Marine Manager at AIG and almost 4.5 years at Chartis Insurance Europe SA. Prior to that, he spent close to a decade at General Reinsurance as Second Vice President, responsible for the Benelux, Nordic and Japan markets. Emiel successfully completed the Maritime Law program at Utrecht University.

While Emiel is an expert in the field of Marine insurance, he has witnessed the company’s remarkable transformation from a mono-line MGA focused solely on Marine to a comprehensive insurer with a 360-degree approach. Standing side by side with Anton Cornel from the beginning, he has been an integral part of the entire journey.

In his current role, Emiel is responsible for overseeing the technical results of all our business lines, which include not only Marine but also P&I, CAR/Engineering, Property, and Casualty. Emiel is known as a people manager who values the well-being of his team members. He is known for his approachable nature, willingness to offer guidance, and ability to structure and organise work efficiently.

Emiel’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, together with his friendly and fun-to-work-with nature is indispensable within our organisation, making us value his presence every day.

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