Anton Cornel


Chief Commercial Officer

Anton Cornel is Chief Commercial Officer of DUPI Group and also Managing Director of our largest subsidiary DUPI Underwriting Agencies. Anton has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry and previously held the position of Managing Director at Marsh Inc. His expertise is in account management and sales. Before that, he played a central role at Fortis Corporate Insurance, where he successfully managed the Marine Business Line, including the Raets P&I portfolio.

Educated at Tilburg University, Anton holds a Master’s degree in Sociology. He is also a proud holder of the Diploma of the Chartered Insurance Institute in London (Dip CII). As Chief Commercial Officer, Anton oversees all commercial aspects of our business.

Anton’s career has been marked by his entrepreneurial spirit and unrivalled ability to identify market opportunities. He firmly believes in the synergy between business and pleasure, and his creative thinking has paved the way for new initiatives and the successful exploration of untapped potential.

He joined our company in 2014 during a challenging period when we were operating as a small MGA from a single location in the Netherlands. Under his leadership, we grew exponentially and now write more than €250 million in premiums. Anton has assembled a stable team of 170 employees across five offices in four European countries. In addition, DUPI’s focus has broadened to activities other than insurance, such as risk inspections and tailor-made software solutions for insurers.

When Anton walks into a room, he always brings a festive atmosphere. He is a highly innovative sales professional known for spotting opportunities where others might shy away. His dynamic and energetic presence brings vibrancy and excitement to our company. With his proven track record, Anton’s extensive experience in the insurance industry has shaped his strategic thinking and fostered his innovative approach.

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