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solutions based on the right combination

Our goal is to always provide brokers and their clients with a solution based on the right combination of pricing, conditions and risk management. Corporate clients primarily look for solutions that adequately cover their risks. How those solutions work is less of their concern. They don’t want to be bothered with categories, sections, or ticking boxes.

Through autonomous growth complemented by selective acquisition of businesses, teams and portfolio’s DUPI Underwriting Agencies has the ambition to be Insurer of Choice for Dutch Entrepreneurs.

The underwriting includes P&I and Marine Liability, Legal Defence (FD&D), Casualty, CAR/Engineering and Marine. Together these are the DUPI 360 Underwriting Solutions.

As a Managing and General Agent, DUPI Underwriting Agencies represents Belgium-based Baloise Insurance, The Shipowners’ P&I Club and various Lloyd’s Syndicates.

DUPI Underwriting Agencies started out as Dutch Marine Insurance, an added activity alongside the old DUTCH P&I. Nowadays DUPI Underwriting Agencies is the largest branch of the entire DUPI Group holding. Our portfolio is a mix of long-tail and short-tail risks on one hand, and frequently occurring small claims and incidentally occurring large losses on the other.

360 approach

DUPI Underwriting Agencies are a recognized market leader in Shipping, Marine & Transport, Dredging, Construction and Process & Energy industries. The underwriting includes P&I and Marine Liability, Legal Defence (FD&D), Non-Marine Liability, CAR Engineering and Marine.

Through the combination of multiple products, we are able to help and support our clients. We are able to do so by providing solutions that transcend the boundaries of traditional business lines. For instance, clients looking for insurance solutions for construction risks often also need solutions to cover any associated transport or liability risks.

These are the DUPI 360 Underwriting Solutions.