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Successful DUPI Summerschool 2023

Successful DUPI Summerschool 2023: Knowledge, inspiration and collaboration in the summer

The summer of 2023 will be etched in DUPI’s history as a time of learning, inspiration, networking and collaboration. Over three unforgettable days, Dupians shared their expertise, gained valuable insights from both internal and external speakers and created even stronger bonds.
DUPI is riding the wave of growth and expanding rapidly, both nationally and internationally. With three branches in the Netherlands, we are well aware of the power of community and unity. Therefore, our colleagues immersed themselves in the enriching Summerschool experience for three days, in constantly changing groups.

The programme offered a wide range of topics, from ‘mastering confident presentations’ to ‘how to convey your core message in PowerPoint’ and from ‘real life claims stories’ to ‘cultural differences in the workplace in European countries’. We also invited broker friends from the industry to share their insights, discussed generational differences in the workplace and held an interactive session with our executive team, where all questions were welcome.

Throughout the Summerschool, we maintained the signature DUPI spirit, with interactive and accessible sessions that actively engaged participants in the learning process and taught practical skills.

One Dupian described the Summerschool as follows: “Summerschool was an authentic Dupian version of education, characterised by workshops, awareness and team building, which brought colleagues together in a unique environment. I think everyone went home feeling that we are part of a unique company and that we achieve this together.”

DUPI looks back on the successful Summerschool 2023 with pride and remains committed to the growth and development of both the company and its employees. Collaboration, learning and fun remain at the heart of DUPI’s future efforts.

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