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Anneke Kooiman receives VNAB Award 2023

Anneke Kooiman receives VNAB Award 2023

Hats off to our esteemed colleague Anneke Kooiman, who stole the limelight at the VNAB Market Dinner on 2 November by receiving the VNAB Award 2023. With good reason, we think. This prestigious award, presented annually, symbolises dedication and commitment to the insurance industry. The VNAB Market Dinner is an annual highlight in the Dutch insurance industry and provides the perfect stage to celebrate Anneke’s impressive contributions to our industry.

As Associate Director Marine Technique at DUPI Underwriting Agencies, Anneke dedicates herself tirelessly to the marine insurance industry. Moreover, she is also active outside our organisation as Chair of the Transport Platform at the Dutch Association of Insurers. Beside that, she chairs the IVR (International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of the inland shipping and the insurance and for keeping the register of inland vessels in Europe) and is a member of the Executive Committee of the IUMI (International Union of Marine Insurance). The Dutch Association of Insurers has successfully secured the IUMI Congress for the Netherlands in 2026, a remarkable achievement.

Why Anneke won the VNAB Award 2023? VNAB managing director Rob ter Mors put it in his speech as follows: ‘Anneke likes to give requested and unrequested advice to executive directors. She writes emails, points things out, keeps track of market developments, of which I then think after three seconds: ‘no idea what this is about.’ But Anneke’s input is always much appreciated. She is busy. Really busy. And there is a wonderful quote from her LinkedIn profile because she is not only busy but also very clear: ‘For your information: within DUPI, I am not responsible for IT, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Portfolio Management, M&A, portfolio transfer, etc etc! I just work in the Marine department! So please don’t send applications.’ Anneke is a true transportation professional through and through. She sets the bar high, always goes the extra mile and this award is truly deserved.’

At DUPI, we are extremely proud of Anneke’s achievements and the valuable contributions she makes to our organisation and the industry as a whole. Hooray for Anneke!

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