Name Change DUAL Netherlands B.V.

2019-08-01 | BLAAK Underwriting Agencies

In September 2018 DUPI Group acquired 100% of the shares of DUAL Netherlands B.V.

Following the acquisition Harry Mulder and the team managed to retain and renew the DUAL portfolio. Thanks to your support and confidence this transition has been very successful.

On 1 August 2019 the statutory name of DUAL Netherlands B.V. will change into BLAAK Underwriting Agencies B.V.

BLAAK Underwriting Agencies will continue to represent Travelers Insurance Company Ltd (S&P “AA” rated) as its Managing and General Agent.

The capacity of BLAAK Underwriting Agencies is independent of and supplementary to the capacity of DUPI Underwriting Agencies B.V.

All other company details remain unchanged. Your contact person at BLAAK Underwriting Agencies remain:

Harry Mulder +31 6 53 94 42 46 –
Stefan de Rooij +31 6 58 95 79 00 –
Bjørn Kalden +31 6 30 44 61 67 –

The general email address changes from to Emails sent to the former account are automatically forwarded to the new mailbox.

The team of BLAAK Underwriting Agencies continues to for fill its ambition to offer solutions that transcend the boundaries of the traditional business lines of the insurance market.

Should you have any questions regarding this letter or require more information? Please contact Harry Mulder by e-mail or telephone or Anton Cornel by e-mail ( or telephone (+31 6 15 07 20 53).