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Legal & Compliance

Contact details and VAT number

DUPI Group B.V.
Blaak 16, 6th floor
3011 TA Rotterdam

P.O. Box 230
3000 AE Rotterdam

+31 10 790 15 55

Chamber of Commerce number: 51642603
VAT Registration number: NL 8501.08.962.B.01

The contact details and VAT numbers of our group companies can be found here.

General Terms and Conditions

All services rendered by DUPI Group B.V. and its group companies are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of DUPI Group B.V. These general terms and conditions are deposited at the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce (number 51642603), can be consulted here and will be sent upon first request, free of charge.

Corporate Information Packs

The available corporate information packs of our group companies can be found here.

Insurance Product Information Documents

Our Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID) and associated terms and conditions can be found here.

Privacy policy

In our Privacy policy you can read which personal data we process, what we do with these personal data, within which legal framework this happens and what you can do if you have any questions. Our Privacy policy can be found here.

Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file which a website saves on your hard disc through the browser. In a cookie information is kept. We use cookies to measure the number of visitors to our site. During your visit we use session cookies which are automatically removed when you close the browser. We remember which parts of the website you visit and we adjust our services to that. Our Cookie policy can be found here.

Remuneration policy

For the main part, our staff members are remunerated on the basis of a fixed salary in line with market conditions. We direct our staff to act ethically, with due care and customer-oriented, focusing on the interests of our clients and our company in the long term. Our Remuneration policy can be found here.

Conflict of interest policy

We conduct our business according to the principle that we must manage conflicts of interest fairly, both between ourselves and our clients or business partners and between clients or business partners mutually. Our Conflict of interest policy can be found here.

Complaints handling policy

We are committed to providing quality and professional service. If, however, you feel we have not met your expectations we intend to handle and resolve your complaints in line with the high levels of service we aim to give all of our clients. Needless to say we ad regulatory requirements regarding dispute resolution. Our Complaints handling policy can be found here.


This website contains general information which is provided without any warranty of any kind. Neither DUPI Group B.V., nor any of its group companies are liable for any costs and/or damages resulting from the use of this website and the information on it. Our full disclaimer can be found here.