A rock-solid team for DUPI Underwriting Agencies

2022-01-02 | DUPI Underwriting Agencies

We have been looking at how we can serve you in insuring your risks in the best possible way, both now and in the future. Stability, efficiency and trust on the one hand, and innovation and entrepreneurship on the other, are our main priorities.

We will use the upcoming years to expand our portfolios steadily and responsibly with a rock-solid team, so that we can continue to insure you and your customers in the best possible way.

In the context of the growth of DUPI Underwriting Agencies, we now feel it is appropriate to invest in the next DUPI generation. To ensure DUPI’s continuity in the future, it is also important to structure our organisation as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

What will change?
More specifically, this means that the Marine and P&I business lines have been merged, so that our colleagues are better attuned to each other. In this way, not only team members, but also our insurance products, strengthen each other.

This has led to the following appointments:

Mark Kouwenberg: Associate Director Marine Cargo.
Stefan de Rooij: Associate Director Marine Hull.
Bert Scheper: Head of P&I and Charterers Liability
Anneke Kooiman: Associate Director Technique Marine

Emiel Paaij (Underwriting Director Marine and P&I) is responsible for this business line.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the following appointments:

Robin Adriaansen: Associate Director CAR/Engineering.
Bernadette Bode: Associate Director Casualty.
Caroline Barendregt: Director Claims.